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    HTC One X Plus

    Based from internet discussions & forums - HTC One X Plus which was supposed to be released last weekend was delayed. And what caught us by surprised yesterday was the authorized HTC Concept store as well as the phone shop in Pyramid, Subang Jaya had advertised the stock & was promoting this little mighty new handphone. 

    As we were eyeing for this particular product a week back, we decided to get up close and personal with this little mighty handphone.  

    It comes in two different colours - BLACK and WHITE. From the outlook of the box, both look alike except for the wrapping across the box which indicates the handphone cololur.

    As you open the boxes , you would see the handphone greet you as the picture below this blog shows you. It comes with a list of standard mini booklets such as end user license agreement, warranty statement, safety and regulations guide, service card and a welcome leaflet.

    Warranty, agreement and welcome documents
    So what specific gadgets come along when you purchase this handphone? Check out below...
    HTC One X Plus accessories which comes along with the handphone
    There are 3 standard gadgets which comes in the package when you purchase the handphone as shown in the picture below. Colour of the gadgets are based on the colour of the handphone. So for the  White Color handphone fans~~ you won't expect to find any black colour handphone accessories in your box *smiles*

    Handphone Charger, MicroUSB cable and standard headset

    Having the chance to have a feel of the handphone is a great opportunity at this point in time before its official launch day in Malaysia. It's such a delicate and sleek Android handphone. We would say that this is one of the most powerful handphone models that HTC has produced so far !!

    A little sneak peak to the handphones when they're out of the box ... As you can see that there's not much difference in size and physical outlook from the previous HTC ONE X

    The back cover of the BLACK and WHITE HTC ONE X PLUS when placed side by side.



    *Click Photo for more details*



    1. is this phone already available in malaysia!? @@

    2. Yesh! It's available at HTC concept store, Sunway Pyramid =D

    3. Any other place can i get it?? around kl? :)

    4. I believe you can get HTC One X+ in most part of KL authorized HTC retailer =)

    5. hey.i just bought this phone.i want to ask you regarding the warranty.did you register it with the brightstar?

    6. Hi Faizatul. Mine is under Brightstar and it comes with 2 years warranty.
      Basically didn't do any registration and I don't think we need to fill up any registration form for the warranty as it comes with Service Card =)

      1. ouh okay.thanks for the info.the warranty still for 2 years?i've read in the brightstar website they said warranty for htc one year only.

      2. I was told two years warranty by the shop owner of HTC concept store at Sunway Pyramid. I will try to verify again about the warranty.

    7. Where can I get it around Johor?
      I already waiting it so long.. :(

      1. Understand your frustration when you really hoping to get it. You can try to contact HTC and ask for any available HTC Concept store around your area. Good Luck! ;)

        Or you can just come down to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to get it~

      2. Ok..thanks for ur suggestion..
        I will try to get it..
        KL what places got sale?
        Lowyat got?

    8. One X+ warranty by brightstar or SIS is only for 1 yr.
      Can get at lowyat at rm1900 cash & carry.

    9. I just bought mine, and was told the warranty with Brigstar/HTC comes with 2 years but there is no indication what so ever stated on the box/documents.
      Can anyone verify?

      However on Brightstar website this is what it says:
      HTC devices distributed by Brightstar comes with default 12 months warranty unless otherwise stated.

    10. Where can I buy it in White in Germany?
      Is it passible to buy this color in Germany?



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