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    Musang King Durian Feast

    One of the most anticipated event to wrap up year 2012 which is the "MUSANG KING FEAST". Literally translated - the King Fox feast. What the heck is this King Fox?? It's what Malaysian call the King of fruits..which some people may dislike its smell or taste. It's a pity that they may have missed out such great opportunity to savour the best fruit that can ever be found in the land of Malaysia.

    Fresh durians from Pahang

    If you're interested to find out how are we are able to identify the Musang King from a pile of durians...see below picture for the sign :) You would be able to find a "STAR" like shape at the bottom of the durian which would signifies that it's Musang King. 

    STAR symbol at the bottom of the durian
    Here's how you open the durian...with a sharp knife cutting through its thick thorny skin from the bottom of the durian

    or....You may consider stepping on the durian just like this guy below

    Similar to Survivor Games - You'd do anything to  break open the durian
    (PS: To young children out there do not try this at home)
    This is some new methodology which works for some people interestingly. This method would ease the pain of cutting through the thick skin if you're new to opening the fruit. By stepping on the durian, the bottom part of it would split and you can easily break open the fruit by using force. At the end of the day, its the hunger which drives you to find the easiest method to break open the fruit.

    Working hard to open the durian while some people are preying on it 

    OMGoshh..look at that dark yellow, creamy texture of the durian ...FANTABULOUS...EAT till you drop!!
    The Musang King durian is claimed to have thick flesh with small tiny seeds which may seem pretty true.


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